Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

Wireless ICV

Control and Monitor Tubing Production Flow

SigNet Wireless ICVs use common componentry, firmware and telemetry and are configured in the completion to control flow from a well interval in either in-line or annular arrangements. 

The size and wireless communication system of the inline ICV make it uniquely suitable for retrofit intelligent well application.  At only 2.5” OD it is the smallest ICV on the market and can be deployed in existing liners as small as 3-1/2”.

Both the inline ICV and annular ICV can be deployed during well construction.  As each functions entirely independently they are cost effective where only a single valve is required or can be combined to provide a limitless number of intervals within the wellbore.

The infinitely variable position capability is typically configured to move between the five operating positions on the choke trim including open, closed and three choking positions.  The closed position is sealed using a unique bi-directional non-metallic seal technology which is robust enough to operate under full pressure differentials.  The choke trim design is readily modified and can be optimised for each application.

Within each tool are tubing and annulus quartz pressure transducers which provide data on the downhole pressure and temperature, along with the pressure differential across the ICV choke. 


  • Modular tool design with common technology platforms increases tool reliability while maintaining configuration flexibility for individual applications
  • ICVs can be retrofit into existing wellbores to provide intelligent well functionality in mature fields
  • Independently acting ICVs provide maximum well design flexibility and cost efficiency
  • Integrated monitoring eliminated the requirement for conventional electronic systems within the wellbore


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