Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

SlickLine DGS

Tendeka SL-DGS tools offer Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) in the well intervention environment.

Tendeka has developed SL-DGS, an intervention system that couples production distributed temperature and pressure gradient mapping. It can be run as a conventional slickline rig-up to provide real-time data. 

Options are available to incorporate memory production logging systems with capability to measure pressure, temperature, CCL and flow which can provide valuable back up well data, all on a single deployment. 

Coupled with VieQuest™ software, the system enables you to create visual outputs, which can build a valuable graphic illustration on trends within a field development from the data received from each well. 

Tendeka DTS systems offer continuous measurements in real-time along the entire length of your wellbore through industry leading temperature resolution and spatial resolution (0.01°C). This gives clearer event interpretation, with high application and installation flexibility. 

Whether your focus is production surveillance, diagnostic downhole issues or designing production enhancements, with Tendeka you can make intervention and production decisions based on the clearest possible picture of multiphase flow. Get an up-to-the-moment picture of production with real-time visualization. 

By interpreting the real time data received from the Tendeka DTS system a forward plan can be quickly formulated for remediation of the well with subsequent intervention trips in hole. 


  • Gas lift optimisation
  • Well integrity issues (leak detection)
  • Flow allocation
  • Stimulation performance

Features and Benefits

  • Uses incumbent wireline vendor and compatible with standard wireline equipment
  • Supplied as a package with simple connection from the cable to the Tendeka logging unit
  • Allows the deployment of DTS with other downhole monitoring technologies
  • Offers industry leading temperature and spatial resolution for clearer event interpretation in real-time
  • Explore past, present and future well scenarios with comprehensive modelling
  • Get an up-to-the-moment picture of production with real-time visualization
  • Observe downhole events as they happen with live well monitoring


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