Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

SigNet Wireless Gauge

Wireless PT Gauge and Telemetry System

Downhole pressure and temperature data is a valuable tool to increase well performance and ultimate reserves recovery.  In existing completions downhole data is often not available either because the permanent downhole gauge has failed or was never installed. 

The Tendeka wireless PT gauge can be installed and retrieved using conventional intervention tools and uses Signet wireless pulse telemetry system to enable the ongoing monitoring and optimization of both production and injection wells.

The system has a long operating life as the tool function requires very little power and data is transmitted to the surface using the wells own energy.

Since no additional hardware or surface modification is required the wireless gauge can simply be installed as close to the production zone as required and will start transmitting well data once the well is placed on production or injection.

The gauge also features an extensive memory for the storage of high resolution pressure build-up data.

With maximum installation flexibility, minimal installation requirements and ongoing operational cost reductions, the Tendeka wireless PT gauge is the ideal choice for monitoring existing wells.



  • Provides pressure and temperature data for ongoing reservoir monitoring and production optimisation.
  • Real-time daily measurements enable timely decision-making and continuous production optimisation
  • Removes the need for permanent cables, repeaters or additional downhole equipment, reducing cost and complexity of operation
  • Retrofit solution suitable for wells where no permanent monitoring is installed or operational


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