Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

SigNet Downhole Power Generator

Harvesting Energy from Within the Wellbore

Wireless technology relies on local power sources and while batteries are used in low temperature or low utilisation applications, the self-discharge of the power cells when exposed to well temperatures limits service life in high temperature applications.  The ability to generate power in the well removes this limitation and greatly increases the service life and operating range for wireless technologies.

Tendeka’s SigNet DPG (Downhole Power Generator) system harvests power from the production stream to recharge the battery systems between operations.  Minimising the required energy recovery and applying latest technologies into a turbine device has resulted in long-life miniaturised systems suitable for both inline and intervention friendly annular configurations.


  • Recharges secondary battery system to increase the service life SigNet intelligent well completions
  • Proprietary design eliminates bearing wear and critical rotary shaft seals to deliver reliable long term operation of the DPG
  • Engineered production flow streams prevent plugging and increase erosion resistance for superior solids tolerance
  • Electronic ‘no power start-up’ systems allow the SigNet intelligent completions to be safely restarted after extended well suspension periods
  • Power generation performance data and diagnostic data is transmitted back to surface for assured tool operation


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