Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

Side Pocket Mandrel Sealing Plugs

Sealing systems for side pocket and gas lift mandrels

Bespoke designed swellable seals replace Chevron seal stacks to provide pressure integrity in damaged side pocket mandrel bores.

The Gas Lift Mandrel is a product which contains a “side pocket” alongside the main tubular conduit.  The side pocket, typically 1” or 1½” diameter is designed to contain a Gas Lift Valve, which allows gas from the A annulus to be injected into the flow stream to aid in the lifting of produced hydrocarbons.  A port in the gas-lift mandrel provides communication between the lift-gas supply in the annulus and the production-tubing conduit. Solving the challenges of delivering reliable sealing and isolation calls for an understanding of specialist fields such as multiphase fluid dynamics and materials science. 
The Side Pocket Mandrel Plug is a system component that provides a means of isolating damaged or leaking Side Pocket Mandrels and gas-lift valves. Tendeka’s oil and water swellable elastomers operate within a wide temperature range from 32oF (0oC) to 480oF (250oC), and are rated at 5,000 psi. continuous working pressure.

Tendeka offer a range of sealing technologies and can work with you to design and engineer a bespoke sealing solution tailored to your requirement. Whether accommodating non-standard internal diameters or unique fluid parameters, our materials scientists have developed proprietary elastomer technology to deliver reliable isolation performance across a variety of well characteristics.

Features and Benefits

  • A cost effective solution to extend the working life of existing gas lift completions
  • Simple deployment reducing rig time and risk
  • Isolate reliably - even in severely damaged and corroded sealbores to provide long term well integrity
  • Retrofits into existing completion with minimum intervention.


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