Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

FracRight Bridge Plug Range

FracRight Plugs for isolating multiple-stage cased hole fracture jobs

Tendeka’s FracRight range of composite frac plugs are rated to 10,000 PSI at 375°F, and are available in a full range of sizes. Comprised of proprietary high temperature composites and polyamides, and having minimal metallic content, FracRight plugs can be milled quickly and easily.

The small debris particles are easily circulated out of the hole using conventional milling techniques, either with a rig or coiled tubing. Though mostly used for horizontal applications, its sleek, lightweight, (only 17lbs) design makes deployment fast and efficient in both vertical and horizontal wells.

With consistent drill times of 15 minutes or less, Tendeka’s FracRight plugs will help you maximize operational efficiency and increase overall well reservoir economics. FracRight plugs incorporate many unique features that give the operator distinct advantages in the field:


  • Constructed mainly from high temperature polyamides and composites for reduced drill out times
  • Utilizes retrievable packer style sealing elements
  • Segmented metal alloy cleats to insure casing anchor
  • Provides absolute zone isolation during multi-zone hydraulic fracturing
  • Drill out can be accomplished using conventional junk bits or tri-cone mills
  • 4-way intersection design on frac plug bottom prevents plug-off
  • Wicker lock ring system to help prevent rubber mandrel movement during frac
  • Ball seat has rubber insert to help seat ball during stimulation
  • Ball can be run in place or dropped from surface
  • More than 600 successful deployments worldwide


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