Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

FloWrap Screen Range

Sand Control Screen

The FloWrap™ screen range offers a cost effective method of sand retention and fines tolerance.

FloWrap screens can be used in stand alone, cased hole, open hole and gravel pack completions. They are extremely damage resistant and maintain sand control under high compaction loads exceeding the ISO 17824 standard for burst and collapse.

Tendeka can manufacture bespoke screens to suit your well characteristics or alternatively offer the following configurations from our comprehensive line of standard configurations:

Wire Wrap and Direct Wrap on Pipe Screen 

Tendeka wire wrap screens are available in both convential slip-on and a wrap-on-pipe variations. Jackets are available in standard service 316LSS or CRA alloy as required. Wire profiles are available with a heavy duty design for maximum erosion resistance. 

Wrapped screens are shrink fitted to the perforated base pipe, providing maximum strength to withstand high loads in shear, compaction and torque. Internal control of wire quality and specifications ensures maximum plugging resistance. 

Diffusion Bonded Screen 

Diffusion bonded screens use SS or CRA filtration media, as the pores of these materials have a fixed geometry and resist movement under pressure. A full range of micron ratings is available and media may be customized to suit specific reservoir characteristics. Diffusion bonded screens are constructed to provide the maximum open area for unrestricted flow.

Pre-Pack Screen 

The dual jacket design and packing process of our pre-packed screen cartridges ensures a void-free, concentric and uniform pack annulus, making these screens an excellent choice for marginal reservoirs requiring economical sand control options.


  • Designs available with solids retention for heavy oil applications
  • Chemically and thermally stable for HPHT applications
  • Full range of sizes – TT up to open hole horizontals
  • Available in FloMatik™ and FloCheck™ field-proven ICD designs for ultimate well life and inner string free installation


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