Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

FloSure Autonomous ICD Range

Autonomous Inflow Control Device

The FloSure Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD) is an effective solution for increasing oil production over the life of the field, the award-winning FloSure™ AICD has been deployed successfully in light and heavy oil wells to overcome water or gas breakthrough and ensure uniform production longevity. The device preferentially chokes unwanted produced fluids whilst promoting production of oil from the entire length of the well.

The valve can be used as an integral part of Tendeka’s FloRight Ultra premium sand screens along with SealRight™ open hole packers or SwellFix™ swellable packers to compartmentalize the horizontal section and control of fluids. 

The Benefits

  • Variable choke which controls both gas and water in wells
  • Gas/water control outperforms passive ICDs
  • Levitation disc allows for ream or washdown and spotting of breaker fluids
  • Valve will respond to the velocity of the fluid coming into the well
  • Readily configurable for a range of production conditions
  • Incorporated into a screen joint without OD protrusion

* Licensed from Statoil for worldwide use


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