Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

FloRight-Ultra ICD Screen Range

Premium Sand Control Screen with Inflow Control

The FloRight-Ultra™ premium screen with inflow control device (ICD) offers the ultimate in sand retention and fines tolerance and promotes uniform production or injection along the entire payzone of the well.

In conventional production wells, fluids have a tendency to cone at the heel of the well. This can lead to early water or gas break, resulting in lost recovery, lost revenues and reduced well life. Evening out the inflow profile results in better coning control, thereby delaying the water or gas breakthrough. 

Harmful fines with high annular fluid velocities increase the possiblity of screen erosion. Compartmentalizing the well with ICDs can mitigate this.

The FloRight-Ultra sand screen can incorporate passive or autonomous ICD nozzles, and can be used in conjunction with our FloSeal™ and SwellFix™ open hole packers to compartmentalize a section of the well for maximum sand or conformance control.

Tendeka FloRight-Ultra screens feature a multi-layer design for support, drainage, filtration, convergence and protection. Innovative press-fit assembly maximizes burst and collapse ratings of the premium mesh layers. 

Screens can also be supplied with FloCheck™ ICD valves, allowing for internal circulation through the tubing without compromising production rates. This removes the requirement for an inner wash string whilst retaining the capability to circulate and spot fluids through the liner or screens. 

All FloRight-Ultra screens are designed, manufactured and fully qualified to meet ISO 17824 V1 standard.


  • Inner shroud for back-up sand control and flow convergence
  • High capacity Dutch Twill Weave (150 and 200 micron) and Reverse Dutch Twill Weave (250 and 350 micron) for ultimate formation retention and plugging resistance
  • Complete fusion through press fitting of all layers, eliminatng the need to weld
  • High strength internal jacket with integral centralizers ensures screen to base-pipe stand-off without compromising strength
  • Available with FloCheck field-proven ICD designs for ultimate well life and inner string free installation
  • ICD fully field adjustable
  • FloSure autonomous ICD configuration controls water and/or gas in oil wells


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