Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.


Production Data Visualisation and Modeling Software

Tendeka Quest™ is a powerful portfolio of monitoring and modeling software that uses proprietary algorithms and intuitive interfaces to seamlessly integrate multiple data sources into clear visual outputs.

FloQuest™ delivers a user-friendly, but extremely powerful Windows application that allows the wellbore to be accurately defined, modeled and matched using data from sensors all the way from the sandface to wellhead. It provides the easiest monitoring solution for complex wells. 

  • Incorporation of multiple well trajectory profiles and reservoir definitions 
  • Inversion of temperature to rate
  • Two- and three-dimensional charts
  • Synchronized log and completion charts
  • Automated depth and temperature calibration 
  • Multiphase near-wellbore inflow modeling
  • Multiphase tubing modeling

FloQuest includes multiphase modeling capabilities and powerful algorithms that allow you to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis quickly and efficiently. This enables you to confirm the accuracy of your models against your well data or reference datasets and make better informed production optimization decisions with confidence.


  • Well performance monitoring
  • Injection rate calculation
  • Gas lift valve monitoring
  • Integrity issue identification
  • Production and injection system optimization

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated wellbore modeling 
  • Unlimited multilayer definitions
  • Inflow control device modeling
  • Multi-lateral well modeling
  • Enterprise integration
  • Microsoft Office interoperability


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