Our technologies encompass stand-alone innovative completion products that can be combined to form systems for use in conventional and unconventional wells.

FloMatik Passive ICD Range

Passive Inflow Control Device

The Tendeka FloMatik™ inflow control device (ICD) range promotes uniform production or injection along the entire payzone of the well.

In conventional production wells, fluids have a tendency to cone at the heel of the well. This can lead to early water or gas break, resulting in lost recovery, lost revenues and reduced well life. Evening out the inflow profile results in better coning control, thereby delaying the water or gas breakthrough.

In carbonate reservoirs, FloMatik ICDs can be used to choke water production from natural fractures.

Tendeka FloMatik ICD Subs 

FloMatik ICD’s are spaced throughout the completion liner adjacent to the production reservoir, either on every joint or run in combination with blank joints to provide the desired well compartmentalization.

Based on results of flow modeling, up to six nozzles can be mounted on each housing to produce a given pressure drop at a given flow rate. 

The integral centralizer OD of the housing holds the FloMatik ICD away from the liner or open-hole wall, allowing fluid to produce through all nozzles. High torque connections and spiral-shaped centralisers allow for the reaming down of the assembly if required. 

The FloMatik ICD can also be used for evenly distributed acid stimulation during the production or injection life of the well.

FloMatik ICDs can be used along with the Tendeka range of mechanical or swellable packers and appropriate inflow profile as per client requirements. 


  • ICD fully field adjustable with multiple nozzle diameter and quantity options
  • ICD does not protrude into base pipe for intelligent well completions and intervention
  • Allows for circulation to bottom without inner string
  • Allows for setting of mechanical packers and liner hanger packers without inner string
  • Allows for spotting of breakers and spacers prior to pulling out 
  • Dual method of valve removal after installation
  • Optional check valve facility is available


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