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Swellable elastomers provide inflow profile control in horizontal wells in fractured carbonate

Technical Background

  • Horizontal barefoot oil producers in Oman, PDO. Results compiled in Nov 2006. 
  • Hole: 7.6” for 3 ½” Tendeka SwellFix packer and 7” for 4 ½” Tendeka SwellFix packers. This case study focuses on 3 ½” Tendeka SwellFix packer packers and CT operated SSD’s for controlling water inflow. 
  • Upper reservoir uses gas oil gravity drainage, deeper reservoir uses water injection.


  • Injection of gas and water into fractured reservoir tends to water or gas the horizontal well out which damages matrix drainage process.
  • To date 51 horizontal producers and 26 horizontal injectors have been drilled (17 are multi-laterals). Despite fractures shut off by scab liners and expandable 5 ½” liners high water production exists. 27 barefoot horizontal wells producing with water cuts >50%, or are closed due to such high water cuts. 

Project Objectives

  • Trial Tendeka SwellFix Packer completion to control inflow in fractured carbonate reservoir to reduce unwanted water production and improve ultimate recovery.

Tendeka Solution

  • Expandable Zonal Isolation Profiler (Tendeka SwellFix Packer) – swellable rubber that is wrapped around standard tubing, placed into the open hole to swell and close off annulus. Currently uses CT to operate sleeve.

Project Results

  • Successfully re-completed 8 of 9 wells with Tendeka SwellFix Packer.
  • In 3 of 5 fully evaluated wells water rates reduced by 60%, proves concept that Tendeka SwellFix Packer shuts water off.
  • Oil gains of up to 45m3/d per well in 3 wells.
  • Further investigations necessary to optimize Tendeka SwellFix Packer potential.


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