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Passive ICDÔÇÖs optimize production in multi-lateral wells


First ICD deployed to manage inflow from 2 laterals connected to mother bore.

Technical Background

  • Multi-lateral horizontal oil producer in carbonate field, Saudi Aramco.
  • 3 7/8” open hole multi-lateral with a 2 7/8” ICD completion.
  • Well originally a vertical producer (drilled in 1966). Workover in 1998. Converted to tri-lateral to access top 20ft of reservoir, then ICD run. PLT in late 2008 confirmed inflow profile along completion.


  • Horizontal multi-lateral wells enhance reservoir contact and improve well performance. Early breakthrough of water/gas in reservoirs with an aquifer and/or gas cap results in reduced recovery. 

Project Objectives

  • Optimize well productivity: passively control inflow from laterals; uniformly produce from motherbore; reduce potential for cross-flow between laterals.

Tendeka Solution

  • Passive Inflow Control Devices (ICDs) x14 installed into motherbore to control inflow.
  • Swellable packers x6 – create different compartments/segments across motherbore.
  • Reservoir modeling – using mathematical model developed, plus NETool simulations.

Project Results

  • Proportionate inflow along well, ICDs passively control influx from laterals, no cross-flow/packer leaks.
  • World first achieved – first ICD deployed to manage inflow from 2 laterals connected to motherbore.
  • Excellent match between models and PLT data.
  • Rate of 4.1 MBD oil with 0% water cut (WC) achieved, 1.5 MBD at 42% WC prior to workover. 
  • Use of 2 7/8” ultra-slim optimized ICD completion key to success.
  • Aramco to evaluate technology to replace several complex intelligent well completions to control multi-lateral wells in reservoirs with favorable conditions. 


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