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FloSure AICD installed to increase oil production in offshore Caspian Field

Project Objectives

Reduce gas production from oil producers to allow increase in oil production rates and increase field recovery rates.

Well Data

  • Location: Russian Sector - North Caspian
  • Well Type: Oil Producer - Sandstone
  • Installation Date: October 2014
  • Depth 2,620m - 6150mMD
  • Liner Size: 6-5/8 x 5-1/2

The Challenges

Field is produced from a 20m net pay oil thickness with active gas cap expansion and water drive mechanisms. Wells had been completed with passive inflow control technology to delay water and gas breakthrough but reservoir heterogeneity, significant gas/oil and oil/water transition zones and heel coning effects led to high GOR ratios reducing oil production.

Tendeka Solution

Tendeka’s FloSure Autonomous ICDs provide the same functionality as a passive ICD but additionally have a self-regulating adjustable design to provide greater production choking where gas and water break through occurs. For this application a new size of AICD was qualified to provide inflow control at only 16 BPD per valve at initial conditions and gas control once breakthrough occurred.  A total of 238 valves were installed across the 3700m horizontal well length.

Project Results

Modelling has indicated that the FloSure AICDs deliver an increase on oil production of 8.8% with reduced GOR compared to passive ICDs at the same BHP within 4 years.


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