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DTS enables efficient permanent production monitoring of advanced well completions

Technical Background - Well Data

  • Location: Saudi Arabia, client: Saudi Aramco. TD: 14,500ft.
  • Completion design: 3-zone smart well including DTS, ICVs, packers, and electronic permanent downhole monitoring system.
  • Smart well and DTS system deployed inside a 9 5/8” upper casing string and lower 7” liner with pre-milled lateral windows across 2 openhole (OH) laterals.


  • Maximum Reservoir Contact (MRC) and advanced well completions have caused data gathering disruptions – options to carry out well logging much reduced, and production logging costs are high.

Project Objectives

  • Saudi Aramco wished to investigate alternatives to traditional production logging methods to acquire high quality downhole data in timely manner in MRC wells.

Tendeka Solution

  • Digital Flow Profiling with high resolution DTS and FloQuest data visualization, management and modelling – DTS system deployed to toe of completion string to monitor flow profile of motherbore and inflow performance of 2 laterals. Double-ended DTS configuration, total length of optical fibre: 29,000ft. Inline optical splices in pressure-testable assemblies used.
  • Two Inflow Control Valves (ICVs) placed across the OH laterals to control production, 1 ICV placed on motherbore to control production from OH section below 7” liner. 
  • Three production packers used.

Project Results

  • Digital Flow Profiling provides: very effective MRC monitoring; data in real time –during installation, operational tests, well start up, and production; is cost efficient and lower risk compared to PLT.
  • Required DTS temperature resolution of 0.01 degC achieved despite long fibre length and 3 in-well cable splices.
  • Saudi Aramco intends to use DTS monitoring systems in future MRC wells, passive inflow control completions and in horizontal water injection wells.


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